We recognise that ‘PK’s’ (pastor’s kids or preachers’ kids) are special. We grow up in an environment which is central to our church and local community and experience the joys and difficulties of living in a home which is often open to all.

The Manse Bairns Network wants to be an inclusive network that, using social media, is able to encourage and support other manse sons and daughters. Please “Like” us on Facebook. If you are a son or daughter of a minister of the Church of Scotland, please consider joining as a member and being part of a generation that supports the next. Details here.


  1. widen membership

  2. The current Council wants to secure the interest of each generation so that ‘one generation continues to help the next’

  1. be relevant

  2. In this era of student loans, and the reducing value of state benefits the Society is again becoming increasingly important to those for whom it was founded.

  1. be a network

  2. In early days the Society acted as a network with the aim of one generation being of assistance to the next and we aim to develop a modern network communicating through social media

  1. acknowledge our thankfulness to God

  2. In accordance with our Constitution, every year we observe a day of thanksgiving to God, with a Thanksgiving Service in one of the Glasgow churches and incorporate it with our Annual General Meeting. It is held in March and details are available from our office.

A slice of history

The charity was formed in 1790 and celebrated its 225th Anniversary in 2015.  It was formed in Glasgow (hence the name of the Society – though there is no geographical limitation to membership or charitable aid) to support (initially) sons of deceased Church of Scotland Ministers in preparation for gainful employment in a profession or trade and in cases of hardship.  The original constitution stipulated an annual service of thanksgiving which continues to this day.  Over the years daughters, and children of living ministers were added to the beneficiaries.